Posted on November 20, 2014

As and exciting addition to our business, earlier this year we embarked upon the idea of offering our clients a chance to accessorise their completed home and work interiors, through our extensive collectables range that my partner and I have inherited!

We have a wonderful collection of lamps, ornaments and small furnishing items dating back to the early 20th century right up to some wonderful kitsch 1960s and 1970s pieces.

We were delighted to come across the The Old Workshop, Sail Loft Emporium whilst on a trip to Charlestown in the summer, and even more pleased when they offered us a cabinet within the emporium, whereby we can proudly display and sell our wares. We are enjoying continuing business with the Sail Loft Emporium as well as adding an extra string to our interior design ‘bow’.

It's well worth a visit to Charlestown to see this and other delights - there are many very good cafes!

The Old Workshop, Sail Loft Emporium